The Design

Art, invention and style mix in the product design to create novelties full of cultural contents

La Triart Pubblicità and Architect Abbass are professionals, researchers, designers, but first of all people capable of creating unique products, they can always meet their clients’ requirements using their technical knowledge to realize aesthetic and operational objects.


La Triart Pubblicità aims at meeting human requirements through imagination and original ideas that take in the design phase, even though just as design.

However it’s an important stage in which the new product can be glimpsed.

Client meeting

In this phase the objective is agreed upon, ideas are developed, design drafts prepared to give expressions to concepts (hand drawing, outlines, sketches, detailed drawing 2D or 3D drafts). Client’s feedback is collected and materials, colours and finishing touches are chosen together with him. As a last step of this phase the design draft has to be refined for prototype development through discussions with all the people involved in the manufacturing of the product in case some changes have to be made.

The definitive design

The design of a product is a series of various activities from brain storming to marketing.

La Triart Pubblicità and Architect Abbass analyze ideas and turn them into inventions and concrete objects. They combine science, art and technology to create new functional products. They are experts capable of thinking in a different manner from large scale to individual projects at the same time.