La Triart Pubblicità is a trivalent company according to the formula, project and production formula; proposes ideas, realizes projects and carries out series production.

Our products cover a wide range of objects for visual advertising: plaques and illuminated signs, displays, service counters, made of the most diverse materials such as wood, Plexiglas metal or others inspired by continuous research.

"Barge Disco-Bar on the River Po in Turin"

Scenic design, graphics and advertising by Dr. Arch. Abbass HA, with the outfitting made by La Triart Pubblicità.

Idea and realization of a barge wrapped up in paper, perhaps the first packaging of such a large structure in Turin.

The project consisted of wrapping up in paper the whole craft and tie it with a big red bow at the center of a long rope 100mt, useful for unpacking. The rope was to be pulled to unpack the whole barge on the opening day.

The sponsor was Cinzano for brand Gordon’s Gin.

Graphic design: “First packaging of a Barge on the River Po in Turin ”
Designer: Drs. Arch. Abbass H. A.
Furniture: La Triart Pubblicit
Year: 1999
Customer: Cinzano for brand Gordon’s Gin

Certificazioni e attestati

LA TRIART PUBBLICITA’ has been given the Iso 9001:2015 certificate and guarantees the product quality trough detailed analyses of control and functionality in cooperation with experts in the publicity field.

Verifica e controllo apparecchi:
Prof. Ing. Massimo Peirone

Calcolo strutturale:
Ing. Toscano Ezio

Premio "Italia che lavora - Terzo millennio 2001"

The company was awarded in 2001 the National Prize “Italia che Lavora” for standing out in the advertising field and actively contributing to advance the country socially and economically.

Progetto, prototipo e produzione in serie.