The advertising totems produced by La TriArt are the ideal means of optimally transmitting any type of message.

Advertising and information totems are a form of advertising communication that can be placed anywhere. Advertising totems are the ideal means of optimally transmitting any type of message. Thanks to a careful study of the text and the graphic components in the design phase, the totems attract attention.

Totems are a versatile tool that ensures maximum visibility in any context.
Thanks to their flexibility, we can produce: indoor totems, outdoor totems, totems for trade fair installations, totems for sales points, totems for special events, totems for conferences.

We create custom totems for any need, the dimensions of the totem are completely definable by the customer, the totems are fully customizable with the desired colors and designs. We produce totems with an original and modern design.
We study structures suitable for the production of totems both in series and in single pieces.

The totems can also be backlit, with the installation of a lighting system placed between the two sides of the totem.

We also produce totems with a fixed base or totem with wheels.
The totems generally have a column structure in anodised aluminum or in painted sheet, the totems can be double-sided or single-sided totems. We produce wooden totems, sheet totems, aluminum totems, steel totems and plexiglass totems.

The convenience of using totems for your own advertising is in the possibility of being able to change prints with extreme ease and in a short time.